Pickett's History of Alabama: And Incidentally of Georgia and Mississippi from the Earliest Period

Pickett's History of Alabama: And Incidentally of Georgia and Mississippi from the Earliest Period
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De Soto in Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi; The Aborigines of Alabama and the Surrounding States; The Modern Indians of Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi; Mobilians, Chatots, Thomes and Tensas; The Choctaws and Chickasaws; The Cherokees; Ancient Mounds and Fortifications in Alabama; The French in Alabama and Mississippi; The Colony of Louisiana Granted to Crozat; The India or Mississippi Company; Terrible Massacre at Natchez; The English in Georgia; Jesuit Priests or Missionaries; The French Battles upon the Tombigby; Bienville Leaves the Colony His Character; Horrible Death of Beaudrot and the Swiss Soldiers; Bossu's Visits to the French Forts upon the Alabama and Tombigby Rivers; The Occupation of Alabama and Mississippi by the English; Hardships of the Early Emigrants; Journey of Bartram through Alabama; An account of the McGillivray Family The Revolutionary War; Extreme Perils and Sufferings of the Natchez Refugees; The Spaniards in Alabama and Mississippi; Bloody Scenes un Alabama and Georgia; The Deep Intrigues of McGillivray; The First Yazoo Sale Bowles, the Freebooter; Singular Inhabitants of Alabama; Death of McGillivray Bloody Scenes; The French Minister, Genet His Designs Upon the Southwest; The Second Yazoo Sale; The Americans in Alabama and Mississippi; Governor Troup, or the McIntosh Family Incidents in the Mississsippi Territory; The Arrest of Aaron Burr in Alabama; St Stephens Huntsville Indian Commerce - Kemper Expeditions; Tecumseh - Civil War Among the Creeks; Battle of Burnt Corn - Arrival of Gen Claiborne's Army; Terrible Massacre at Fort Mims; Daring of Heaton Bloody Scenes Gaines and the Choctaws; Battles of Tallasehatchie, Talladega and Auttose; Remarkable Canoe Fight Battle of Holy Ground March to Cahaba Old Towns; Battles of Emuckfau, Enitachopco and Calebec; Battle of the Horseshoe Weatherford Surrenders Himself at Fort Jackson; Treaty of Fort Jackson Attack upon Mobile Point March upon Penscaola...Written by Albert James Pickett. Hardcopy/685 pages